Top Tips for Choosing the Best Steel Shed Builders

06 / 04 / 2024
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Purchasing a new shed is a big investment. This exciting new development on your property deserves a construction partner who will prioritise your requirements and provide high-quality results in a timely fashion. Review the following valuable tips to help you make an informed decision when selecting steel shed builders for your property.

Experience Matters

The quality of your finished structure is impacted by the experience of the steel shed builders behind it. Select a partner with sufficient industry experience and proven results to ensure a successful and quality construction. 


Here at Central North Island Sheds, we have a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience. We began serving customers throughout New Zealand under our parent brand almost two decades ago and have fine-tuned our services even further under our existing brand. 


We strictly adhere to all New Zealand Building Code requirements and use New Zealand-made materials for the best quality. We manufacture everything here in Aotearoa – so you know your shed is built to survive our harsh weather conditions and stand the test of time. When it comes to the design, manufacturing and installation of your shed, you can trust our team knows what it’s doing.

Peace Of Mind

Choosing steel shed builders that ensure quality guarantees should be another factor in your decision. Guarantees provide peace of mind that your build is going to be of a high standard and not deteriorate rapidly. We instil confidence in our customers by providing a 50-year structural main frame warranty and a 15-year cladding warranty. And we’re ShedSafe™ certified, which means we meet the industry benchmark for manufactured steel sheds. 

Proven Processes

It’s not all about the final product. A smooth process throughout will make your shed-building journey a pleasure rather than a hassle. Select a company that has established systems in place to guide you through the entire process, from thorough consultations and innovative designs to efficient manufacturing, installation and post-build checks. 


We strive to provide dedicated customer service from the moment you contact Central North Island Sheds to the final inspection. You will receive consistent communication and clear timelines, and your project will be managed closely to ensure there are no setbacks or budget blowouts. Our team is experienced and precise, so you can expect and enjoy a streamlined experience. 

Flexible Building Solutions

Your preferences matter. A construction partner should respect your vision and listen to your requirements to build a clear picture of what you want and need. We prioritise your opinion and will work alongside you to create a result you will love. Read on to learn about a few ways we offer flexibility with your shed construction. 

Your Choice

If you prefer to select your own builder from a local provider, that is no problem. We will ensure the planning and manufacturing stages are swift while you focus on finding a builder that works for you. We will also offer on-site guidance throughout the first few days of your installation – at no extra cost – for a smooth assembly process.

National Network

Don’t have a local builder lined up? Our trusted network of reliable builders stretches throughout New Zealand. We are happy to recommend and put you in touch with your nearest provider. You will still have full control of the process and hire the builder directly to reduce costs.

DIY Options

We appreciate that many Kiwis enjoy a bit of DIY work, which is why we are happy for you to assemble your shed yourself. Our skilled crew will visit you on-site and, at no extra cost, assist with assembling the frame to ensure you have a stable base. If you feel comfortable after this, we will leave you to your own devices.  

Custom Outcomes

Are you looking for a unique style or purpose-built features with your new shed? Choose steel shed builders with custom offerings to achieve the outcome you are hoping for.


Central North Island Sheds offers custom-built sheds designed and manufactured to your specifications and needs and can accommodate requests such as extra storage, more doors, specialised shelving, or greater ventilation solutions. 


Bespoke designs allow you to add your personal touch to your shed, whether you are seeking a sleepout for the kids, a work-from-home office space, a carport, stables for your horses or a workshop. Whatever you are looking for, find it with steel shed builders that prioritise your needs.

Your Superior Steel Shed Builders in New Zealand

Secure the quality of your dream shed with a partner who cares about your vision and is equipped with the skills, knowledge and hands-on experience to bring it to fruition. 


At Central North Island Sheds, you will enjoy a fluid process with straightforward timelines, ongoing communication, exceptional manufacturing, efficient installation, and reliable post-build checks. When you choose us as your construction partner, everything will be taken care of, and you can rest assured that your thoughts and concerns will be taken into account. 

Start Building Your Ideal Shed

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