Why Industrial Storage Sheds Are Essential for Business Success

10 / 03 / 2024
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As a business owner, you value any opportunity to maximise productivity and profitability. When it comes to storage, you may be struggling with existing limitations. Maybe you are tired of paying for off-site options, or perhaps it is no longer convenient for you to travel between your business premises and storage facility.


If these are problems you can relate to, we have the solution: an industrial storage shed. At Central North Island Sheds, we design, manufacture and install high-quality sheds for industrial and commercial buildings. Our well-made, versatile sheds can be used for a variety of purposes, including as a workshop, showroom, warehouse, airport hanger or manufacturing facility. 


Read on to discover how the addition of this type of structure can be the key to achieving business success. From their customisation options to enhanced organisation, we will explain why these sheds are essential for your business operations.

Improved Workflow

Having an on-site storage facility can enhance your productivity. Rather than having to drive to a different location or have items delivered to your premises, you and your employees can access your stored goods quickly and easily – you can’t get more efficient than that. 


Eliminating the need to constantly move items from one location to another reduces the time, energy and resources required to access your inventory. This enables you to streamline your workflow like never before. It also minimises the risk presented to your goods, as every time they are moved, there is a chance they could be damaged by weather, dropped or moved aggressively, or even stolen.  

Inventory Management

Your business’s operational efficiency will also see an improvement. Our in-house commercial or industrial storage shed is versatile and can be customised to fit the specific requirements of your business, meaning you can build rooms, cupboards, shelving, hooks and whatever else you may need to promote productivity. Maximising every inch of space is possible when you have your own facility. 


With purpose-built storage spaces, you can arrange your stock however you need. Tailoring your filing and storage to your precise requirements is efficient. It enables staff to rapidly locate items and equipment and spend more time on important business activities.   


Industrial storage sheds also allow you to maintain better inventory control. Do you want to simplify the tracking of stock levels? Would you like to locate product more quickly? Do you wish moving stock between your warehouse and shop floor was rapid? All of these things are made possible with your own on-site storage. By keeping a closer watch on your inventory, you can also limit waste and additional expenses by making better business decisions.


The benefits of an industrial storage shed can’t be denied on a practical level. But there is also a financial plus. While the upfront cost of building a storage shed is a fairly sizeable investment, having an industrial storage shed nearby will likely reduce your overheads and save you money overall. 


Renting off-site storage units or facilities is expensive in terms of rent and the resources required to move products to and from your premises. When you rent space away from your business, every time you need to move stock, you have to pay transportation costs or waste precious time shifting it yourself.   


In addition to providing space to store stock, you can use other areas of your storage shed to store other equipment and machinery that is only used intermittently. Accelerating the time taken to respond to customer demands can also improve customer service. 

Safe & Secure

Whether you store tools, machinery or stock, the safety of your items is paramount. When you build an industrial or commercial shed, you can rest assured that your stock is protected. Our premium sheds are made from durable, high-quality New Zealand-made steel that fights corrosion and rust. Naturally resistant to fire and extreme weather conditions, this is a reliable and trusted choice for anyone concerned about the security of their inventory. 


You can also equip your storage facility with adequate security features, from surveillance cameras and swipe card entry systems to security patrols and entrance gates. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your valuable assets are protected.

Trust The Shed Experts

A storage facility is handy when scaling up a project or business, and at Central North Island Sheds, we can build a structure to suit your specific needs. Our experienced team is highly skilled across all areas of the process, from designing and manufacturing to installation. We make everything on-site at our Central North Island location and only use local materials for the best results. 


Our sheds are stylish, functional, and built according to New Zealand Building Code requirements. We offer a workmanship guarantee that includes a 50-year warranty on the steel mainframe and a 15-year warranty on the cladding. Our third-party contractors are adept at construction and assembly and aim to exceed your expectations – and we are proud to produce proven outcomes that will stand the test of time and maximise your business profitability and efficiency for years to come. 


Maximise Your Business Productivity 

Improve your business output and earnings with on-site storage. Ready to optimise your business with industrial storage sheds? Contact us to explore your options!